Located at Carretera de Castellón, offers Plasma and Oxy cutting services. Its current facilities cover more than 3.000 m2.

Oxiacero has a production capacity of more than 60.000 tons of steel.

We are able to cut to size and shape steel metal plates and sheets up to 500 mm in thickness. The company also markets carbon steel sheets in all thicknesses and qualities.

Our products are built into the most modern and varied constructions:

  • Wind turbines
  • Machine tool and clies
  • Goods and metallic structures
  • Agricultural Machinery and public works equipment
  • Body work and boiler making
  • Construction element

Ctra. de Castellón, 58, km. 2,8
50013 Zaragoza (España)
+34 976 48 61 10

The Grupo López Soriano is made up of different companies that, in a complementary way, make up a business group to be able to offer the widest range of services related to recycling in Aragon.