Industrias López Soriano (ILSSA) was founded in 1974 as a scrap yard, with the basic objective of collection, sorting and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Its activity has been largely linked to: dismantling of industrial plants, scrap and metal recovering from light and heavy industry (automotive industry, white goods, brown goods, boilermaking, structures, oxy-cut, electric factories, etc) and scrap imports from different countries.

We are authorized and equipped to treat all kinds of residues such as: end-of-life vehicles, waste electrical and electronic equipment, end-of-life tires, etc. The high yield by-products obtained, are ready to be introduced again in the industrial chain, reducing energetic and economic costs.


Gestor de residuos no peligrosos:

  • Centro Carretera de Castellón:
  • Centro PTR:
    AR/GNPA-183 – AR/GNPO-73

Gestor de residuos peligrosos:

  •  Centro Carretera de Castellón:

  • Centro PTR: AR/G-92

Centro CAT: AR/CAT-6

Recogedor residuos no peligrosos:

Transportista residuos peligrosos: AR/RGP-4


Industrias López Soriano meets all its customers´ needs through its state-ofthe- art installations and cutting-edge technology machinery
(balers, shears, hydraulic presses, crawler excavators with multi-tine grapples or magnets…).

Industrias López Soriano recycles all kinds of electric and electronic white
goods such as fridges, freezers and air conditioners


Since its origins, Industrias López Soriano has been engaged in scrap purchasing, sales and treatment.

Today, Industrias López Soriano operates in two different locations. The original yard is located in Carretera de Castellon, Zaragoza, while the new one is at the PTR López Soriano. It is equipped with the most up-to-date technology, including a Shredder.

Along with two large hydraulic scrap shears we are able to handle every type of ferrous and non ferrous scrap. Thanks to several materials sorting technologies we are capable of obtaining high levels of separation, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

This infrastructure make Industrias López Soriano an industry-leading Company in our region.


Industrias López Soriano through its trademark Valorfrio, is the largest Spanish company in terms of volume of white goods treated. More specifically it treats cold producing appliances such as: refrigerators, freezers, cabinets and storage water heaters.

Thanks to the state of the art technology installed, we are able to degasify the refrigerator in two different stages, obtaining oil and CFC/pentane/ butane gasses and preventing harmful substances to evaporate into de atmosphere.Once cables, motors and compressors are removed, this recycling system separates the refrigerator into ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastic and PUR pellets, achieving a comprehensive management of these goods with high level of recyclability


Industrias López Soriano as an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) for End of Life Vehicles (ELV) maintains an Integrated Environmental Authorization.

Industrias López Soriano provides scrap vehicles collection services. Once the vehicle is received at our facility at Castellon Road, we proceed to cancel its registration at the Department of Transportation and subsequently depollute it, removing all hazardous parts in accordance with current legislation.

Once the vehicle has been depolluted it will be either dismantled and its parts sold on the used car parts market or shredded as non-hazardous waste. Our commitment to the environment continues to be one of our main objectives.

Procedures and Documentation

From this page we provide you with all the procedures to cancel your vehicle, applications, forms …
We advise you to make your task easier.


Industrias López Soriano is a hazardous waste management facility so it is authorized to manage used batteries.

Industrias López Soriano places its own containers in appropriated locations on the producers’ premises so the batteries can be properly stored. Once the container is full, ILSSA uses its own equipment to remove it and transport it to the final waste manager. All of which in accordance and compliance with the current legislation in force at any given time.





 Our vast experience in the field of demolition includes works as main contractors as well as subcontractors, always complying with the terms of all applicable permits and licenses required by the client and the current legislation.

  • Del Ebro Sugar Mills and Industrias Agricolas in Menarguens (Lleida), Sevilla and Vitoria.
  • Railways and locomotives in Durango (Vizcaya).
  • More than 100 cargo ships and some oil tankers over the years, in Villanueva i la Geltru (Tarragona).
  • Mines in the Barruelo de Santillan (Cantabria) and Rio Tinto (Huelva).
  • American Base in Zaragoza.
  • Contracts with Torrejon, Rota and Moron Air Bases.
  • Madrid and Ferrol Landfills.
  • Colon and Besos Power Plants in Barcelona (only the chimneys were left standing).
  • Aceralia Perfiles Zaragoza former factory in the Picarral district (Zaragoza).
  • Pieralisi old factory and mini warehouses in Albarracin Street (Zaragoza).
  • Porta flour mill (Huesca).
  • Villamayor flour mill (Huesca).
  • Cemex Concrete Plant in Monzalbarba (Zaragoza).
  • Tunnel Formwork Carriages for Acciona in Les Borges Blanques (Lleida).
  • Cemex Aggregates Quarry in Garrapinillos (Zaragoza).
  • Cemex Concrete Plant in Yesa (Huesca).
  • Consermancha Composting Plant (Ciudad Real).
  • Dismantling of the KTL painting facility and FOSFATACION NAVES 21 y 41 for GM Spain (Zaragoza).
  • Pikolin Former Facilities (Zaragoza).
  • HORCONA. Pinseque (Zaragoza).

The Grupo López Soriano is made up of different companies that, in a complementary way, make up a business group to be able to offer the widest range of services related to recycling in Aragon.



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